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Rural Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Glenburnie Fire Station 1485 Unity Rd Glenburnie, ON, K0H 1S0 Canada (map)

The first Rural Advisory Committee meeting of this term will take place on Wednesday, February 25.  This committee works to consider City of Kingston policies in the rural context and to ensure that our large rural area is considered in the plans, programs and strategies of our municipality.  The public are invited to provide comment on any of the items considered in committee.

The committee will consider the following items at the meeting, 

More details on these items can be found on the City of Kingston website.

Committee Mandate: 
The mandate of this committee is to represent the interests of Kingston’s rural residents, as they relate to residential, agricultural and rural-business matters, specifically: 

1. To serve as a forum for public discussion to examine issues of interest or impact to the rural community, including but not limited to: 

a. municipal services/infrastructure 
b. use of private and/or public land 
c. environmental issues 
d. socio-economic matters 
e. wildlife management 
f. transportation and utility corridors 
g. snowmobile and ATV use 
h. hunting and firearms 
i. trails and private property 
j. emergency services, access to health and social services and service delivery in rural areas 
k. proposed or existing federal or provincial legislation, policies and programs 

2. To provide input and advice as required , through Council or a standing committee of Council on issues of interest or impact to the rural community, including but not limited to: 

a. municipal studies, plans, by-laws and proposed projects that may have a potential rural implication 
b. development of policies and programs
c. municipal economic strategies 
d. implementation of federal and provincial legislation and programs 
e. potential funding opportunities 
f. strategies to improve the delivery of municipal services, programs and information and ways in which these strategies can meet the needs of rural residents 
g. rural land stewardship programs or proposed projects of the city, community groups or other agencies 

3.Review and recommend appropriate means and methods of communication, including information sessions, public meetings or other to communicate City information to rural residents and promote two-way communication between rural residents and the city. 

Schedule of Meetings: This committee will meet on a quarterly