Getting Results
For Your Tax Dollars

Reducing Your Tax Burden

The City of Kingston has a responsibility to ensure that it remains an affordable place to live.  Continuing to find efficiencies within our City Departments, developing new revenue sources to decrease the burden of our property taxes are essential ways to start making a difference.

Once elected to City Council, I will immediately bring forward motions to compare taxes paid in urban and rural areas that include the value of city services received, rather than solely the assessed worth of the property. The City of Kingston should take into account the infrastructure maintenance required by rural property owners, such as septic tanks or wells.  

Our tax dollars should be used to support Countryside residents in their times of need. I am deeply committed to this and once elected will work to create a reserve that is set aside to support rural residents who need financial assistance for their water and wastewater infrastructure in times of emergency, to ensure that when help is needed, it is there.

Value for Your Hard Earned Tax Dollars.

Results for your tax dollars is about more than just how much you pay, it’s also about what is achieved with those dollars. As I go from home to home in Countryside I am continually struck by just how high the property taxes are compared to urban homes of similar value, which enjoy many more services.

Everyone is committed to paying their due but our level of service should also be of equal value of that in the urban area. This means a focused attention to the maintenance of our roads and a commitment to increasing quality of life services, such as expanded transit opportunities and investment in our parks to create positive spaces for recreation.

Accountable Use of Tax Dollars

Once elected, I commit toward the creation of an annual report card which would rank the performance of city council’s use of your tax dollars in terms of the services you receive.  In my first year, I will work with the people in Countryside to decide what elements should be included, and then in future years I will work with you to provide Council with a grade on our ability to get results - from A all the way to F.

People in Countryside work hard to earn a living and there should be more than enough tax dollars to fund all of the important programs and services that the people of the City of Kingston hold dear. But as I go from doorstep to doorstep people tell me that they feel they pay for a lot more than what they are getting.  The City of Kingston has a fiscal responsibility to ensure our tax dollars are used in the most effective and efficient way. As City Councillor, I will work hard to ensure Countryside will receive quality services.

Economic Growth For All

As your City Councillor I will have a clear focus on building Kingston into a place with a booming economy and an abundance of stable jobs. Our district of Countryside should be at the forefront of building an economy of entrepreneurs. Unfortunately our City Council has faltered in directing policy to attract new industry and to support our business growth.

We need to make doing business in Kingston attractive, and that starts right at home by providing support for our own entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate champions.  Let’s give them the tools to do great work and cut the red tape that prevents our economy from operating efficiently and effectively.

In addition to supporting small and medium size business, Kingston needs to attract the growing and innovative employers of tomorrow.  These emerging players will invest in our city and build a culture that attracts similar organizations.  Kingston must focus on developing the infrastructure these organizations need: secure, high speed communications, affordable utilities and overhead, strong, effective transportation networks (local and regional), and talented professionals for these companies to employ.

As your elected City Councillor, I am dedicated to ensuring Kingston’s economic growth and sustainability. I will initiate and support policy that invests in Kingston’s communications infrastructure, and ensures Kingston is an attractive home for future employers.

I will work to ignite our rural economic engine by supporting Countryside’s entrepreneurs, food producers and farmers, connecting them to the tools, resources and facilities necessary for success. We need to engage the new kind of farmer and food producers in Countryside - the one who makes their living off the land, but is also deeply connected to the ebb and flow of the city.

There are plenty of great ideas throughout Countryside and over the next four years I will bring these ideas and people together to build up the local economy.


Transportation That Works

Listening to Transportation Needs

The economy and quality of life in Countryside are directly affected by the quality of our transportation infrastructure. As our roads get busier, our demand for transportation options diversify, and our population ages, our need for safe, well maintained, multi-use roads, and affordable transit options increase.

Countryside needs to be included in the overall conversation for transit in Kingston.

I will work tirelessly as your Councillor to ensure that we are included in key conversations about planning for roads and transit. Safe and efficient transportation is essential for Kingston, whether by car, bus, or bicycle, travel needs to be convenient, affordable and comfortable.

I have been listening carefully and speaking with Countryside residents about ways to improve transportation infrastructure over the next four years. Some have suggested that widening the paved shoulders on main routes would allow for increased overall road safety and would make the option of walking or riding a bicycle more attractive. We need to improve the safety at more of our high volume intersections, and many people have suggested that the City of Kingston work with neighbouring municipalities to develop a regional transit solution that would travel the main arteries of the district; this would provide a convenient and affordable option for rural commuters.  

Better transportation in Countryside will help keep Kingston moving - moving to work, to school and into the future.

I am committed to improving roads and road maintenance, while ensuring that the city has the resources needed to build important connections like the Third Crossing. This is a critical connection that is integral to the health and economy of our city.