Focusing on What Matters

As your next councillor for Countryside, Richard is committed to focusing on those issues that are most important to his neighbours. He will listen carefully to his constituents, and work hard every day to make your lives better. Whether it is protecting your hard earned tax dollars, ensuring better roads and parklands, or increasing access to transit, you will always find Richard Allen working on what truly matters.

Putting Countryside on the Map

Countryside is the largest district in Kingston municipality and it is Richard's home. He wants to ensure that it has the responsible, dedicated representation it needs not only to survive, but to thrive. It is time that Countryside is featured front and center in Kingston city planning, and recognized for its economic contributions to the municipality.  By bringing people from all walks of life together Richard Allen will ensure that the residents of Countryside are united in their work to build a better Kingston for generations to come.

Making our Roads Safe & Efficient

There are more cars on our roads than ever before, as more and more of our neighbours head to the city for work and play.  This is about more than just the need to build the “Third Crossing”, this is about ensuring people get to where they need to be quickly and safely. Whether it’s by car, bike, bus or on foot, Countryside deserves roads that work.

Our Parks

Growing up, Richard spent plenty of time in the parks and ball diamonds across Countryside. These are places where communities come together, and they need to be safe, open places for recreation.  He will work to bring our parks the services and attention they deserve, so that we can do more with them and not risk losing them to neglect.