Renewing KEDCO & Economic Development in Kingston

Last night, City Council endorsed the full review process for KEDCO. The review would be led by an outside expert with a committee of 10 people: 2 city councillors, the city’s CAO, 2 KEDCO board members and its interim CEO, and 4 members of the public.

The 4 members of the public will be chosen by City Council’s nominations committee, and a call for applications will be issued by the city clerk’s office in early October, with selection of the public members confirmed by City Council and the review committee as a whole set in place by mid-November. The committee will need some time to do a thorough review, and will be asked to report back to City Council with its findings and recommendations no later than June of 2016.

This committee will then make recommendations directly to City Council on changes both to KEDCO and how the City of Kingston approaches economic development going forward.  There will be extensive public consultation and opportunity for you to provide input, ideas and suggestions for how to strengthen KEDCO and related economic development in our community.

Some of the items the committee will be tasked to review include:

  • If Tourism Kingston should be separated from economic development,
  • If salaries of senior KEDCO employees should be publicly disclosed,
  • What the board structure should be,
  • What the best investment of tax dollars should be,
  • What metrics KEDCO should use to report it's work to the community

If you would like to serve on this committee, click here for an application.  The nominations committee will select the 4 members of the public to serve on this committee in early November.

Look out for announcements in the coming months of events, consultations and town halls concerning economic development in the rural area, and across Kingston and our region.

Additional information on the review is available on the KEDCO website: