Countryside Road Safety: Oversize Stop Signs

Over the past few months, we've seen oversized stop signs with red flashing beacons crop up at various intersections as part of our mandate to increase safety along rural roads and at rural intersections that have identified safety issues.  A review of collision history indicates that there have been fatalities in Countryside in the City simply because the driver did not notice the stop sign.

The City of Kingston Traffic Team had been made aware that some rural municipalities surrounding Kingston had been installing similar oversized stop signs and had visited a variety of these locations, in daylight and dark conditions, and were impressed with the visibility of the stop signs.  Anything that improves the visibility of a stop sign in a rural area is important from a safety perspective and literally can save lives.  

In 2014, as a pilot project, the Engineering Department installed red flashing beacons on top of oversized stop signs at the intersection of Highway 38 & Unity Road.  This safety-related change was made in response to an existing collision history at the intersection that we believed could be improved with stop signs that were highly visible, even at night.  The changes at Highway 38 and Unity received very positive feedback.

In order to extend this safety initiative to other rural intersections, the City of Kingston Traffic Team created a scoring system that considers factors such as road classification, posted speed limit, traffic volumes and collision history. In early October of this year, existing stop signs were replaced with oversized stop signs with red flashing beacons at the following top scoring intersections:

  1. Middle Road at Joyceville Road
  2. Bur Brook Road at Sydenham Road
  3. Joyceville Road at Highway 2
  4. Kingston Mills Road at Battersea Road
  5. Unity Road at Battersea Road
  6. Orser Road at Sydenham Road
  7. McAdoos Lane at Battersea Road
  8. Quabbin Road at Highway 38
  9. Bur Brook Road at Perth Road
  10. Woodburn Road at Joyceville Road
  11. Spooner Road at Perth Road (west leg)

These intersections will continue to be monitored and the collision history will be reviewed. The City of Kingston Traffic Team will continue to assess additional rural intersections on an on-going basis for oversized stop signs and red flashing beacons. 

As mentioned above, if you or your neighbours have feedback on the placement of any of these signs, or wish to request an intersect be evaluated for consideration, let me know by emailing  

You can also make a request for evaluation through the City of Kingston Service Hotline.