The Rural Advisory Committee

The light green shading indicates the "Country Area"  that the Rural Advisory Committee represents in their work when providing recommendations to CIty Council.  The map above is Taken from the City of Kingston  Official Plan (2010).  
Click here for more Official Plane maps and schedules.

The Rural Advisory Committee exists to advise Kingston City Council regarding regarding the interests of Kingston's rural residents.  The committee does this by reviewing city policies, providing recommendations to Council, and listening to members of the community about any issue, policy or concern that impacts the country area.

As you can see in the map posted above, there is a large rural area comprised are many rural communities to consider.  The committee composition is meant to represent that diversity by including representatives from across the area, and who may represent residential needs, agriculture, or business.

Some issues that have been recently considered by the Rural Advisory Committee include:

  • Proposed Solar Production Facilities and related policies
  • Estate Residential developments
  • Road Maintenance standards

If you have an issue you would like the committee to consider, let me know.  You can also send your thoughts, ideas or concerns to the entire committee via the clerk:

Catalina Blumenberg, Committee Clerk
Phone: 613-546-4291 ext. 1317


Upcoming Rural Advisory Committee Meetings

Recent Rural Advisory Committee Meetings