The Proposed Expansion of the Elginburg Quarry

2015-04-21 Update:

Cruickshank was required to re-submit their application to the Ministry of Natural Resources due to a process error.  They are required to host another public information meeting, which is to be held at Trinity United Church in Elginburg, on Tuesday, April 28.  

The consultation period has also been re-opened until May 14, 2015. All comments received by the MNR during the previous process will be transferred to the new application.  Details on on the submission process are outlined in the post below.  For additional questions regarding the provincial process, contact Chris Verschuren.

The process through the City of Kingston for an Official Plan amendment and Zoning By-law change remains open.


Cruickshank Construction is proposing an expansion of their quarry located at 2489-2505 Unity Road, just west of the Elginburg Hamlet.   

This is an issue that is important to our community, and I want to ensure our neighbours have the necessary information to participate in the process - this post will be updated as I receive more information,  including with dates of future meetings concerning the application.   At this point, 2 public meetings have taken place, and after the consultation period for the MNR ends on May 14, a recommendation will be presented at a meeting of the planning committee of council, likely in April.  Comments can be expressed to City Council at that time.

Please read further in order to learn how to participate in the process, gain background information, or see what others in the community are saying about the proposed expansion.  Dates and contact information are below for anyone wishing to voice their thoughts on the project to those responsible for approving it.


In order for Cruickshank to succeed in their expansion bid,  they must have an official plan amendment and zoning change applied through the City of Kingston on the subject lands, and license approval through the Ministry of Natural Resources.   These two applications are in tandem, but are separate processes under separate authorities.


Both authorities required a public meeting, and both meetings were held at the dates below:

  • 19 February, 2015 - City of Kingston Council Chambers RE: City of Kingston Official Plan amendment and zoning by-law change
  • 24 February, 2015 - Trinity United Church in Elginburg RE: Province of Ontario Aggregate Resources Act application.
  • 28 April, 2015 - Trinity United Church in Elginburg RE: Province of Ontario Aggregate Resources Act application.

The next meeting will be when City Planning Staff make a recommendation for Council to endorse, once they have compiled comments from the community, and various stakeholders and experts.  That date is not known at this time.

Reports and Information

For more information on the application, Cruickshank's overview submission to the City of Kingston is available on our website. (Click here for direct link).  For more detailed information, contact Tony Gkotsis ( in the City's planning office or Chris Verschuren ( with the Ministry of Natural Resources.


There have been several stories in the media regarding this proposal, available at the links below:

How To Comment on the Application

Ministry of Natural Resources Process:

The public consultation period under the Aggregate Resources Act (ARA) has been  re-opened until 14 May, 2015.  The process to submit comments is outlined below:

Any person(s) wishing to object to this application must send in writing, their objection with reason(s) to the applicant and the district office of the Ministry of Natural Resources at the addresses below. Note: E-mail submissions are acceptable. However they must contain the objector's complete postal mailing address to where a response can be delivered. E-mail objections which do not contain a postal address will not be considered acceptable. 

Cruickshank Construction Ltd.
c/o Ken Bangma, Operations Manager
751 Dalton Ave, Kingston, ON K7M 8N6

Ministry of Natural Resources:
Chris Verschuren, Aggregates Technical Specialist
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry,
51 Heakes Lane, Kingston, ON K7M 9B1

City of Kingston Process:

Comments can also be submitted to the City of Kingston as part of the planning process.  There is no deadline for this process, but eventually a recommendation will be submitted to the Planning Committee and Council.  These comments can be directed to Tony Gkotsis ( and myself (