Third Crossing: Preliminary Design Survey

The Third Crossing is one of the last major infrastructure projects necessary for our community to have a robust transportation network from east to west across our city.  This project will support all forms of transportation, and connect one of our major business parks to neighbourhoods across the City - increasing access to employees, customers, and services for the businesses located there. 

If you live in Kingston East, you are aware how fragile our transportation connections are and how difficult it can be for emergency services to reach your community.  This project provides important access and network improvements to ensure no family is left without support.

However, we do know there are some important considerations with this project. It will be the most expensive and complex project that we have ever undertaken.   We need to consider what is important to Countyside and Kingstonians when it comes to design, including:

  • Impact on the natural environment
  • Cost of construction vs. cost of maintenance
  • Aesthetics and look of the bridge
  • Function and experience for vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians and transit.

Click the button below to start the Survey, which closes on August 21.